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January is a great month to get organized, set goals, and survey various aspects of life and/or business.

Why not take a few moments to organize your social media profiles too?

It is easier than ever to connect, but the choices and the amount of information coming through feeds can be overwhelming.  I want to focus my time and energy cultivating content on the best channels for my needs.  Whether you are an individual or a business, an overview or “snapshot” can be the first step to having a better understanding of time spent on various types of social media.

You can use the worksheet to begin to answer:

What do I want to do with my profile on this social network?

Why do I want to use this specific social network?

With whom do I want to connect and interact?

Where would I like to spend more time/effort?

Where would I like to spend less time/effort?

Is this social network a good fit for me?

Does it bring me down or energize me to work with the social network?

Click for a pdf of my Social Media Snapshot.

Social Media Snapshot

Check out how I used the worksheet here.

Happy New Year!



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