Love it or Leave it: Twitter Polls

This week Twitter will launch a poll function to users.

Polling time is fixed at 24 hours and the poll looks similar to the Facebook poll.

The Twitter announcement:

A few users got the feature early. Epicurious used the poll feature today and created a hashtag for the poll. I like the idea of creating a custom poll hashtag. It is a cue to your followers to look for more poll content in the future.

I think a poll could be a great way for a small business to listen to and gather feedback from customers and clients. There is potential to save resources, manpower, time and money by using polls. Since many Twitter users are already familiar with the crowdsourcing concept, followers participating in a poll have the potential to feel like they are part of a decision making process and are being “heard” by the small business.

I came up with a few examples/ideas for using Twitter polls:

  • A fitness studio launching a new class might ask: “New class coming soon! Should it be- Pilates for Golfers or Cardio Pilates Mix?”
  • An artist or Etsy store owner might like to get feedback before launching a new product. “My new design is ready to roll! Would you like it on a tee or a tank?”
  • A record store might use for entertainment or a flash sale on Rolling Stones merchandise. “What will you get today? [a] What you want?  [b] What you need?”

It will be interesting to see how users leverage and react to the Twitter poll feature. If feeds are flooded with polls, I could see the novelty wearing off quickly. It may be fun to respond to polls in addition to tweeting and retweeting.

What do you think?

Is the Twitter poll a cool or a hackneyed idea?

How will your small business use this new feature?

I’d love to hear your thoughts so feel free to comment!


twitter birds

Artwork by Jenn Surowitz (2015)