Shorter, Better, Faster Ads

I’m not going to lie, I take the click bait quite often especially if it is a video link.

Time lapse yoga flow with inversions?


TED talk on creating public art?


Funny goat video?


Famous chef eating something cool?


Video is a hot content format on the social web. To back up that statement, I should quote a bunch of statistics, but instead I will remind you of the virality of the Ice Bucket Challenge videos.

Advertisers are creating more videos for digital and mobile marketing and I think they could do a whole lot better.

Whether I am trying to catch up on a missed news report or break up an otherwise dull day with a 48 second video of laughing goats, I guarantee that I will be ANNOYED when I am forced to sit through a 30 second advertisement for a car, shampoo, or pet food before my desired video begins. Steal 30 seconds away from me to give 48 seconds to me? That ad time length to video length ratio is ridiculous. When I see the ad’s awful 30 second timer countdown, 9 out of 10 times I will exit the video player.

I often see 30 second commercials online exactly as I see them when watching a television program. If I am consuming on the web or on my mobile differently, and I am consuming content that differs from than television content then why am I being advertised to the same way in both spaces?

Print ads evolved for radio. Radio ads evolved for television. It is time to evolve again. Say it better, say it faster and be entertaining (or informative). I follow a few brands/companies on Instagram, thus inviting them into my feed, just to see how they will entertain and inform me with their clever photos and no longer than 15 second videos. These companies are not my friends; they are still just trying to sell to me, but at least they are not wasting my time.


Short Ads

Listen up Video Advertisers: if the video I want to watch is shorter than 3 minutes, then you only have about 5 seconds (and no more than 10 seconds) of my time. We have all seen, “You can skip this ad in 5 seconds” when trying to watch a video and I assure you I skip that ad AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I know that your ad participation often makes it possible for me to see what I want to see on the web, and I thank you. Nevertheless, get super creative with a much smaller amount of time because I am tuning you out and I am probably not the only one.

How do you feel about about video ads when trying to watch videos online?

What is your maximum threshold of time you are willing to give these ads?

Do these ads even influence your buying?

I’d love to hear your thoughts so feel free to comment!