Twitter Follower Schemes Are For The Birds

Whatever you call it, a “Follow Pyramid”, a “Follow Chain”, a “Follow Train”…

…a follower scheme is NOT worth your Twitter time or energy.

Resist the Follow Trains, etc

I know you want more followers.  I remember when I only had 12 followers and it seemed like a daunting task to increase that number.  Over time, I have increased my number of followers organically – one tweet at a time, one follower at a time and one interaction at a time.   It was process and it required energy and effort, but it was 100% worth it.  I will never participate in a follower scheme.  [Tweet “A follower scheme pollutes the Twitter feeds of your genuine followers.”]

Recently, a local, small, service oriented business starting following me on Twitter.  The company’s Twitter description was clear and the website provided was well developed and mobile friendly.  Many tweets included photos of beautiful completed jobs, exciting works in progress, and high quality materials used.  The company was showcasing its work and providing insight into what it did and how it did it. I liked the work and I liked the company’s use of Twitter, so I decided to follow back.  I looked forward to seeing the company’s projects and perhaps learning something new.

Unfortunately, in the past 18 days, someone at the company decided to increase its number of followers through the use of follow schemes.  The company did increase its follower count by 400%, but as a result of this decision, my Twitter feed has been a non-stop stream of the company’s follower scheme retweets (similar to the image above). In order to clean up my Twitter feed, I decided to “unfollow” this company.

I suppose we would all like to increase our followers, but a follow scheme is not the solution.  How do follow scheme followers add value to your Twitter experience? Or help advocate for your brand? How can you help advocate for their brands?  Can you converse with these followers? Or share information and insights?

I appreciate every follower I have because I know each one chose to follow me and I know each one can easily choose to unfollow me. I want to build relationships on Twitter.  I strive to tweet useful, interesting, informative and helpful micro-content to my Twitter followers.

Increase your number of followers in a genuine manner.  [Tweet “Use patience, consistency, interesting content and genuine interactions to grow your follower base.”]  To greatly improve your Twitter experience, avoid follower schemes and instead build relationships with your followers and those you follow.

Have a great day,


aka: @JennSurowitz on Twitter

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    • Thanks so much for the comment, Ashley. I think it worth all the effort – on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. The effort usually leads to something great.

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