Welcome to My Blog

So what is this Jenn Surowitz blog all about, anyway?!?

I am business support freelancer seeking new opportunities.  I created my site and my blog as a digital portfolio to offer a glimpse into my skills, my work experience, my visual aesthetic, my work ethic, and my interests.

I will write about my experiences freelancing and on topics that I find interesting that may be helpful to others. These may include:

my experiences in the digital and social realms.

interesting mash-ups of traditional and digital media / marketing.

customer service and customer relations.

current and past projects.

product reviews for apps, tools, books, etc.

personal development.

I may digress from time to time and write about a few of the many the things I love like travel, music or art. I will keep this blog mostly “food free” since I write about all things food, beverage, cooking and eating related at www.FoodByJenn.com (@FoodByJenn on twitter).

I will also offer free downloads and printable materials which will be found on my “Lagniappe” page. Enjoy a “little something extra” from me to you as a thank you for visiting my site.

I am looking forward to networking with you here and on your favorite social network(s).

Feel free to connect by using the buttons in the upper or lower right hand corner of the page or visit my “Let’s Connect” page.