Love it or Leave it: Twitter Polls

This week Twitter will launch a poll function to users. Polling time is fixed at 24 hours and the poll looks similar to the Facebook poll. The Twitter announcement: Coming soon! We’re rolling out the ability for everyone to create polls on Twitter: — Twitter (@twitter) October 21, 2015 A few users got the Continue reading

Fitness, Fat Burn, and Content Fail in Tonight’s Instagram Feed

An interesting example of social media content fail flared up on the Shape magazine Instagram account (@shape_magazine). In the past 48 hours two separate posts have mentioned an over the counter weight loss supplement by Zantrex3 (@zantrex3). Each post featured the hashtag #SkinnyStix. Here is a screenshot of one post: For some time, the print Continue reading

Twitter Follower Schemes Are For The Birds

Whatever you call it, a “Follow Pyramid”, a “Follow Chain”, a “Follow Train”… …a follower scheme is NOT worth your Twitter time or energy. I know you want more followers.  I remember when I only had 12 followers and it seemed like a daunting task to increase that number.  Over time, I have increased my Continue reading

#SB48 in NJ – I’m So Excited!

I love a good football game and the Super Bowl is the ultimate football game. My home state is hosting the big event.  It feels like the game is happening right in my back yard!   MetLife Stadium and it’s campus have undergone an amazing transformation to host the first COLD weather Super Bowl. The excitement Continue reading

Social Media Snapshot to Kick Off the New Year

January is a great month to get organized, set goals, and survey various aspects of life and/or business. Why not take a few moments to survey and organize your social media profiles too? It is easier than ever to connect and the amount of information coming through feeds can be overwhelming.  Also, I want to Continue reading