Celebrating #SmallBiz Week – Spotlight on Melissa’s Wellness Retreats

As the owner of Surowitz Enterprises, I often work with other small business owners to assist with a variety of business and social media needs.

Small Business Week 2014 is the perfect time for me to celebrate a few of my fellow #SmallBiz owners and their amazing businesses.

Today’s post celebrates Melissa Jimenez and her business, Melissa’s Wellness Retreats, LLC.

Melissa's Wellness Retreats

Combining her passion for whole body wellness and her love of travel, owner Melissa Jimenez, founded Melissa’s Wellness Retreats in 2013.

Melissa’s mission and desire for her clients is to “travel and be well.”

She recommends travel for others and says:

“I think it is all about perspective.  Travel is a fantastic way to experience different things and it might help you see things a little differently once you are back to your everyday life. Maybe [with new perspective] it’d be a lot less stressful – we live in really stressed out world.  If I can help somebody with that – that’s awesome.”

Melissa helps people with fitness and wellness goals daily.  Melissa is celebrating her 11th year working in the wellness and body work industry.  She has extensive training and knowledge in a variety of disciplines including yoga, Thai massage, Pilates and more. She participates in continuing education and training in the fitness field to better serve her clients.  She has studied in the United States and abroad and considers her own travels an integral part of her wellness training.  She says:

“I really can appreciate living in Australia and being in Thailand and just absorbing all these things that come with me everyday to work and help me be a better trainer.  All those [experiences] help me train and understand people more.”

Upon launching Melissa’s Wellness Retreats, Melissa organized a weekend getaway to the luxurious Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts.  Melissa led private mat Pilates classes and introduced her group to the Canyon Ranch experience and the beauty of The Berkshires.

Melissa knows that getting away is not always possible. Melissa also brings her talents and skills to private clients and corporate clients. She can render a spare room or a conference room a “wellness retreat” – if only for an hour or two.

In regard to how she creates custom workouts, Melissa says:

“I cater my workouts to what my clients want.  It is not about me, it is about them and what they want to do.  If you want a hardcore Pilates workout, I will still base that workout on the things that I believe.  If you want to stretch, that can also be a hard workout. It is whatever challenges the client.  I firmly believe I can create a workout for anybody.”

Melissa’s Wellness Retreats’ website is currently under construction, but you can find Melissa’s Wellness Retreats on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/melissaswellnessretreats.

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P.S.: This post includes highlights from an interview I conducted with Melissa in the summer of 2013. I wrote about working with Melissa in December 2013.  Click here to read about our experience.