Flipping for the Fun of Flipagram

A few days ago the coolest little slideshow / flip book / mini movie popped up in my Instagram feed!  It was a Flipagram video.  It was fabulous and fun!  It grabbed me, and I said aloud, “How do I make one of these fun little videos?!?!”  I had to download the Flipagram app and test drive it.

Looking through the photos on my phone, I realized that I took quite a few shots of product design or advertising that caught my attention throughout the year. I made a Flipagram video using those photos.  I also made a Flipagram video of various food related photos on my phone.  I used a variety of app features to make my two videos.

My findings:

I found the app very easy to use.  The features were intuitive if you use other photo apps.  The app imports original versions of your photos, so you may need to take a few moments to crop or zoom in on your photos to appease your aesthetic.  I liked the ability to rearrange the order of the photos prior saving the final video to my phone.

The app is free to download on iTunes and Google Play, There is an in-app purchase of $1.99 if you wish to include your own watermark on your final video.  If you skip the in-app purchase the final product will be watermarked with the name of the app.  You may choose from many fonts (about 235) for your watermark and your video title.  The title can be up to 24 characters.  The watermark can be up to 35 characters, but if your watermark is long, it may appear cut-off on your video.

There are two final video time options, 15 seconds and 30 seconds.  If you want to upload to Instagram, choose the 15 second option and the app will auto-time your slide show to fit your quantity of photos.  If you want to control the timing of any video, you have that option.  It is easy to switch off the auto-timing function and adjust the flip time using a slider marked with a tortoise (to slow down flip time) or a hare (to speed up flip time).

You can add music from your device or use the “find music” app option to add tunes to your flip video. I had good luck adding my own music, but unfortunately, I experienced a significant lag in my attempts to use the “find music” feature.

The app offers generous sharing options including sharing to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Email, Text (SMS), and Copy to Clipboard.  As a result, I have been seeing these clean, compact, enjoyable videos popping up everywhere in my social landscape. I found the sharing options to be very fast, but I did have a few glitches uploading to YouTube from within the app.

I think this is a very fun and useful app.  The applications for the Flipagram videos seem endless.  For a few examples, you can use the Flipagrams to:

  • Share design portfolio for artists and designers
  • Share head shots or production photos for actors and performers
  • Feature real estate photos  (either to share your new home or a property you are trying to rent or sell)
  • Tell a story (your story, your brand story, your company story)
  • Share your passion (your collection, your hobby, your project, whatever lights you up!)
  • Share photos of animals for adoption or fostering
  • Share your product line (all the flavors in your line; your craft beer label designs, etc.)
  • Share food photos of your pop-up restaurant’s menu items
  • Share your year in review
  • Announce your new company launch, your engagement, your baby, your achievement of any life event.
  • Say thank you to clients, vendors, grandmas (for business, for services, for gifts, etc.)

Do you have a great way to use the Flipagram app or have a great story about using the app? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section! I would love to hear about what you are creating and doing with Flipagram.

Have a great day,