#SB48 in NJ – I’m So Excited!

I love a good football game and the Super Bowl is the ultimate football game.

My home state is hosting the big event.  It feels like the game is happening right in my back yard!   MetLife Stadium and it’s campus have undergone an amazing transformation to host the first COLD weather Super Bowl. The excitement has grown by leaps and bounds every day this past week.

As it happens, I will actually be in the Meadowlands tomorrow, working a special event associated with the game.  This “Jersey Girl” is just thrilled to be so close to the action doing something I love to do.  BUT it means that I will miss the Super Bowl commercials!  I’m fascinated by the interconnectedness of traditional and social media advertising particularly for this event. (I wrote a piece about last year’s commercials that you can read here.)

I was thrilled to find in my Twitter feed that @HashtagBowl posted a link to @MarketingLand ‘s YouTube playlist of Super Bowl commercials.  I was to see the commercial ahead of game time! If you would like to enjoy this wonderful playlist of 28 commercials, click here.

I have a lot of thoughts about the ads that I will break down after the game, but I will share these first impressions:

  • By my count there are 28 ads in this playlist
  • 17 of the ads feature a hashtag (an 18th ad features a hashtag in the video title but not the commercial itself).
  • 17 out of 28 seems like a low number to me for 2014.  If this was a test in high school that would be 60% – a D!
  • Does this infer that hashtags are losing their significance despite their rampant use on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram OR does it infer that “they” still don’t “get it”. I feel that if you don’t give me a hashtag, I may just make one up myself. I’m pretty tame and kind, but I am sure others may not be.
  • I am very interested to see the longevity and health of the Heinz campaign #IfYoureHappy.  I think it is very cool that they are launching a mostly social campaign by advertising it on the Super Bowl in a traditional tv spot format.  We are all familiar with the tune “If You’re Happy and You Know It” AND by playing along and thus becoming ready and willing brand ambassadors, we get the opportunity to win cool, free stuff from Heinz. Not bad at all.
  • T-Mobile is pushing a “no contract” approach to differentiate it a crowded mobile service market. The use of Tim Tebow (famous for having no contract this recent NFL season AND being a former BRONCO) in the Super Bowl ads was a smart, smart move. The clear hashtag #NoContract ties to the ad, the selling hook/philosophy, the featured celeb AND has potential for longevity beyond the game. Nice. Plus, it is funny, Tebow comes off looking super likable and able to laugh at himself AND  his huge fan base must be excited that he “made it” to the Super Bowl after all. Good job all around here. Check out 1 of the 2 ads here.

I’d love to here what you think about the ads in my comments section.

Enjoy the Big Game and good luck to the Bronco and the Seahawks!

Have a great day,